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Agriculture Ministry

Agriculture Ministry

When the Farm first began it served as a way to support the school at Henderson Settlement. It provided food for the students who lived at the school and by working on the farm they were able to earn their room and board. Today the children go to the county school adjacent to the Settlement and the Farm serves the community in other ways.

The Mission of the Farm today is to be an educational resource to the community, a local outlet for retail sales of flower and vegetable plants, a place to sell through the Farmer's Market, a vehicle for funding other ministries, and a place of employment. The Farm accomplishes this mission through the programs listed below.

Beef Cattle and Goats

The Settlement has been raising beef cattle for several years. It maintains a year-round herd of cattle with 3 registered bulls. In 2010 the Farm purchased a small herd of goats, with a registered Boer buck. The calves and kids are sold in order to help support the ministries of the Farm. We also have an Adopt-an-Animal project where churches can purchase the calf and it will be processed and the meat will be put in the food pantry for our community. If you or your church would like to Adopt-an-Animal the cost for a calf is $800 from calving to finish, which includes the cost of processing. For more information on how to Adopt-an-Animal please call 606-337-3613 ext. 325.


The farm operates four large greenhouses. During the winter months, the greenhouses hold the starts of vegetable and bedding flowers, which are sold to the community in the spring. In the summer months, the greenhouses begin to fill with mums, that are sold locally, as well as to schools for fundraisers. The greenhouses offer a reasonable and inexpensive way for people to grow gardens or have beautiful flower beds. If you would like to sell mums as a fundraiser please let the Farm know by February.

Grow Appalachia

In 2010 the Settlement received the Grow Appalachia Grant to assist families in the community to be more self-sustaining and produce more of their own food in order to fight hunger. The Settlement helped 32 families grow their own gardens by tilling, providing vegetable plants, setting up rain barrels, and teaching families how to care for and harvest the produce. The families were also taught how to can food and were given a pressure canner to assist with the process. For the future the Settlement is looking for ways to incorporate the goats and the goat milk into this grant as well. It has been very effective in helping the people of the area become more self-sufficient.

Farmer's Market

In the summer of 2009 the Settlement began a Farmer's Market. This provides an avenue for Henderson Settlement and community families to sell vegetables and fruits they have grown. The Settlement does not charge a fee for set-up and table use and the families keep all the proceeds. Our Market is open Saturdays beginning in July. If you are in the area stop by and purchase some of our local produce.

Food Preservation Classes

We also have canning classes and other preservation classes to help families be more independent. The local county extension office comes out to the Settlement and leads these classes.

Firewood for Low Income

Many people in the area heat their homes with wood burning stoves and during the winter months some families struggle to do so. Through collaboration with the Bell-Whitley Community Action Agency (BWCAA) and the Settlement's community aid program, the farm is able to assist in keeping people warm in some of the coldest times of the year. The time after Christmas is the most critical time for people. When the Settlement is notified by BWCAA, a load of wood is taken to the families' homes. Volunteers in Mission can help this program by splitting wood to store for this program.

    Needs List:

  • Professional Grade Weed Eater
  • Vegetable and Flower Seeds
  • Potting Soil
  • Pots/Planters
  • Bushel Baskets
  • Hanging Scale legal for trading
  • New Pint Jars with Lids
If you would like to know more about the farm or how to help contact the Farm at 606-337-3613 ext. 325.